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July 26 –July 27, 2016

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TECHJXN Innovation Summit and Reception.  The Summit begins at 1:00pm and concludes at 5:00pm.  The reception will follow the Summit and be held in the same location. The ticket purchased for the Summit is also good for the reception that follows,

Innovation has the power to transform lives, but it is neither easy nor does it occur overnight.  Innovations come about from the efforts of a few individuals and then spread among many through the efforts of effective change agents, champions and knowledge brokers.  Converting innovative ideas into practical and usable products and processes requires significant effort, resources and collaboration.  The TECHJXN Innovation Summit is a venue to share your innovative ideas and learn from others on how to ideate, collaborate and proliferate innovations which improve the quality of education for everyone.


Student Problem Identification Hackathon

In partnership with Kids Code Mississippi, The Inaugural TECHJXN Problem Identification Challenge (PIC) Hackathon is designed to engage high school students with their communities and identify issues which need attention. The students will work with mentors and volunteers during the Hackathon to develop solutions to these problems and win cool prizes like Amazon Kindle tablets.

The Hackathon is open to all students grades 9-12. Parents, teachers and administrators are strongly encouraged to attend this event as some exciting presentations are being planned for them as well. Team problems must be submitted by midnight July 22, 2016.

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